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The Pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness, both at work and in our personal lives, is something we should all strive for. Not just because it’s a worthwhile goal but because it’s one of the most powerful levers we have to drive significant change in the attributes that determine our success in life.

There are countless ways to share knowledge; we chose our six distinct formats as they offer the most dynamic and engaging settings for attendees to learn, understand and implement change. By blending our formats and content we deliver measurable outcomes for your business.

Our Solutions

Making the complex simple.

We provide evidenced based strategies through six different formats catered for every client and business objective.


We deliver inspiration through our engaging content, designed to deliver passionate, compelling talks on topics defined by you.


Provide the tools to feel more confident, focused, engaged and creative. Moderated to stimulate debate and encourage discussion that help maximize potential.


Practical, interactive training that combine proven formats, exercises and engagement strategies to maximize learning and enable immediate change.


An experiential, dynamic approach to reach your employees and enhance their happiness. Every circuit is made up of expert-led stations to promote creativity, optimism and flow.


A combination of fun and practical games to increase corporate happiness. They deliver the ultimate learning experience to meet business outcomes through engaging and lively activities.


We have the flexibility and skills to turn your ideas into reality. Our combined psychology, business and event experience allows us to deliver any event. Be bold. We are!

“I learned so much! I left feeling calm, with so much food for thought. Thank you!”

Anne Marie Flynn

“The speakers were ideally selected, giving so much practical information.”

Silke Glaab

“I absolutely loved the event, it was exactly what I needed.”

Dionne James

“An amazing event! There were so many sessions, all in parallel, I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to attend more!”

Dhrupa Dayalal

The Happiness Hub

Using happiness to drive success.

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