Your sales team drives revenue for your business; to get the best out of them they need to develop a unique mindset; one that translates prospects needs into aligned value. We impact your results by cultivating this mindset and more…


Sales is a unique beast and requires a very particular set of skills. More than any other role, sales people face daily rejection. The most successful sales individuals are those that never give up, get back on task quickly and see every rejection as a learning opportunity.

From over 1000 studies, spanning 40 years of research it was found that the best sales people in the world shared one common trait. They possess an optimistic mindset! Which gave them the ability to self motivate, leverage resilience and maintain productivity no matter how challenging it might be.


An overwhelming amount of research has demonstrated that happier, more optimistic sales agents improve their performance across the board, irrespective of market or industry. Here’s just a taste…!

  • Optimistic sales agents outsell pessimists by 38 percent (Insurance)
  • Top salespeople are 25 percent more optimistic than below-average salespeople (Banking)
  • Happier sales employees are 31% more productive
  • 80% of sales success comes from confidence



1 hour

Developing a mindset for ultimate sales success
This module will provide a detailed overview of how to better understand how mindset impacts our ability to sell effectively and how to leverage optimism to maximize sales performance. End
  • Understanding the relationship between sales performance and optimism
  • Measuring and assessing current optimism levels
  • Learning simple techniques shift your perspective through reframing
  • Staying positive during difficult times
  • Identifying and mapping specific sales challenges and how to leverage optimism

1.5 Hours

Positive planning and productivity
Our productivity modules are far more than just time management, we use evidence-based research to develop the most effective strategies to enhance sales productivity.
  • Increasing your sales performance by understanding productivity blockers
  • Supercharge your productivity, potential and performance by cultivating habits
  • Enhancing productivity and outcome through engagement
  • Designing the most productive day for your role
  • Increasing your focus through mindful selling


Effectively nurturing key relationships through positive communication
We use positive psychology, mindfulness and personality plotting to improve your communication, focus and ability to use positive questioning to gather information.
  • Adopting a solution focused approach to objection handling
  • Exploring the power of mirroring to build rapport
  • Understanding the role of personality in relationship building and communication
  • Exploring the use of mindfulness in enhancing communication
  • Becoming attuned to your buyer and processing buying signs


Dealing with ‘NO’, building your resilience
We provide you with the tools to strengthen your ability to deal with rejection and explore how to make every no a positive experience that can be capitalized.
  • Coping effectively with sales setbacks and understanding how to build resilience
  • Using your strengths to overcome stress, adversity and challenges
  • Leveraging self-regulation to stay positive when times are tough
  • Adopting a mindful approach to sales stressors
  • Developing mental agility to apply creative and flexible thinking to problems


The confident negotiator and closeR
Confidence allows you to make contacts, decisions and respond effectively, it’s a tool that helps tackle sales challenges with more certainty and maintain a positive mental attitude
  • Realising your full potential by leveraging your confidence
  • Increasing your performance by harnessing your strengths
  • Be the expert, by believing you’re the expert
  • Using positive tools and strategies to deliver the perfect pitch
  • Reworking your pitch for confident success

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AED 15,000 per workshop

Much like our approach to happiness, we like to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Our pricing is built to maximise value delivery for your business so, unlike most companies that offer in-house development of your team, we don’t charge per attendee. Instead, we charge a single flat rate for up to a maximum 25 attendees and offer generous discounts for larger teams.

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