Challenging convention


Driving positive change.
We are constantly striving to find innovative and fresh ways of addressing business challenges. By throwing out the rule book and experimenting with new, dynamic and exciting formats, we take the latest information and research on happiness and success and transform it into engaging, memorable and
practical sessions. Our combined, complimentary skill set provides a distinctive advantage in that we tailor everything we do to your business outcomes and integrate them into innovative event formats that allow for experiential, impactful learning.
Subject exploration
We love reading, I mean really love reading. Our passion means that everything we do is based on the latest evidenced-based research and strategies. We know how to make the complicated simple and use a concise modular structure, conveying theory as a foundation for practical implementation.
Experiential learning
We learn more by doing, we learn the most when we use that information immediately. Our approach understands the science behind absorbing information, which is why all our sessions include optimal balance between listening, reading, discussing and doing. Our practical exercises, role play and games are used at an individual, team and group level to cement learnings.
Personal engagement
Our approach is designed to cater for everyone and ensure no matter what level, learning style or personality each attendee is, that they are engaged, committed and inspired. Our unique formats validate individual experiences through encouraging personal engagement to create ownership, commitment and cultivate soft skills.
Workplace implementation
Our commitment to evidenced-based research means that everything we do is tied to measurable impact. We demonstrate a clear link to ROI and ROE in all of our activities. By focusing on clear business outcomes from the outset, our sessions are tailored to tangible implementation that drive results.
Our Process
Keeping it simple.
Driving change in a business is a difficult balance of strategy and tactics. We know how complicated it can get. That’s why we like to keep our process as simple as possible, asking you to make a handful of decisions so that we can do the heavy lifting for you. Our three-step process and ten minutes of your time is all that stands between you and a culture change in your team. Give it at try!
Start + Identify
We like to keep it simple, so just identify your desired business outcomes and format and we’ll take it from there!

Then + Select

We’ll create a tailored proposal with the best sessions and tools to help you achieve your goal. All you need to do is select which ones you want.

Afterward + Finalise

Once you’ve made your choice, the real fun begins! Our consultative process defines event specifics to create your ideal experience.
Begin your journey
Make a cultural change.

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