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Leaders define the way forward, taking the raw material of your teams and turning them into functional powerhouses. Their ability to motivate, inspire and harness a team’s potential is the foundation of success. We help leaders at all levels to develop their ability to do so…


Leadership is a concept that has received a great deal of attention but, with so many conflicting and diverse schools of thought, it’s constantly evolving. Our leadership workshop explores how to become the best possible leader by leveraging your own strength and self-awareness. We focus on the responsibility leaders have to drive positive change throughout their business.

Leveraging the principles of positive psychology we provide new solutions to the most common challenges facing today’s leaders, demonstrating that positive leadership is not just a morally sound approach, but one of the most important factors impacting the bottom line.


Positive leaders deliberately impact positive change and create an environment where others thrive, realise their full potential and become their best self. The science of positive psychology provides a clear roadmap of leadership behaviours necessary to create teams that thrive and flourish.

  • Positive leaders impact employee performance by over 64%
  • Positive leaders increase employee retention by up to 40%
  • Positive leaders can impact productivity by over 30%
  • Positive leaders increase employee engagement by 62%



1 hour

Understanding the business benefits of investing in positive leadership
This session revolves around enhancing your capabilities of being an effective, fair and inspirational leader. We help you to better understand the tools that will magnify your leadership strengths, maximize your team’s performance and inspire others to follow you.
  • Define your role as a positive leader
  • Measure success and soft skill performance
  • Understand the commercial value of investing in happiness
  • Explore new ways to maximize impact with limited budget
  • Create a self-reflection portrait on your approach and perspective

1.5 Hours

Developing the mindset, perspective and approach of the modern leader
DISCOVER HOW your perspective as a leader can impact not only everything you do but the overall performance, behaviour and response of those you lead and how best to manage it
  • Leverage positivity to boost productivity, enhance morale and overcome conflict
  • Understand the power of optimistic communication to lift others
  • Lead with optimism in times of chaos and change to enhance team resilience
  • Develop optimism habits to encourage lasting change
  • Identify and map your current outlook and learn how to challenge your responses


Investing in your strengths and talents to maximize your potential and effectiveness
Adopting a strengths-based approach enables leaders to leverage their skillset and become the best version of themselves. Learn how to embed these across the business to inspire change and improve performance.
  • Identify strengths and how to apply them to enhance yours and others performance
  • Utilising the core leadership strengths of execution, influence, relationship building and strategic thinking
  • Harness the collective talent of your team to drive organisational performance
  • Using positivity to create a culture of trust, compassion and stability


Create unified purpose by motivating and inspiring others
Learn how to create highly-motivated teams that are more engaged, better problem solvers and more creative.
  • Explore how motivation affects performance and how to cultivate intrinsic motivation
  • Understand how to rise by raising others
  • Use autonomy as a tool to motivate from the top down
  • Align your employees to the team and organisation’s strategic purpose
  • Develop an environment that empowers employees to become masters of their roles


The impact, power and influence of positive collaboration
Empower your team to work together in an effective, resourceful manner to create an environment for knowledge and idea exchange to drive business success
  • Use team branding to create commitment, meaning and collaboration
  • Identify individual and team strengths to build and inspire others
  • Understand the power of language in cultivating collaboration
  • Identify the key factors in developing high-quality connections
  • Develop a growth mindset to enhance collaboration

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Organisational change cascades from the top down and your leadership team are a critical component of any attempt to change your culture. This workshop will help your leaders, both future and current, to develop their ability to get the most out of your teams and deliver the best results possible.


AED 15,000 per workshop

Much like our approach to happiness, we like to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Our pricing is built to maximise value delivery for your business so, unlike most companies that offer in-house development of your team, we don’t charge per attendee. Instead, we charge a single flat rate for up to a maximum 25 attendees and offer generous discounts for larger teams.

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