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HR is a catalyst for your organisation and the driver of one of its most important assets – the culture that underpins sales, customer service and leadership teams that excel. We give your HR teams the tools to fulfil that role.


HR is a constantly evolving business function, gone are the days where HR is viewed as an administrative support function. The modern human resource department sits central to the overall company strategy and is tasked with the critical role of enabling a happy, engaged workplace.

Successful organizations are becoming more adaptive, resilient, quick to change direction and customer-centred. The most successful HR experts put their employee’s wellbeing and happiness at the centre of their decisions. They are a strategic partner, an employee sponsor, advocate and a change mentor.

This workshop is built to engage your HR team, helping them to develop the skillset and understanding required to deliver these demanding responsibilities, taking ownership of corporate culture development.


Probably more than any other business function, HR understands the importance and value of creating a happy, positive and engaged workforce. Here are just a few of the places where HR can have an impact, but owning organisational culture:

  • Unhappy employees are costing on average $20.5 billion a year in the UAE in lost productivity
  • The average cost of unhappiness is $4,300 per person across a business, annually
  • Companies with happier employees outperform their competition by 20%
  • Happier employees take 10 times less sick leave



1 hour

Creating an optimistic culture, placing HR at the center for change and engagement
As a HR leader you have the power to change policies, promote employees and sign off budgets. However, changing an entrenched culture is one of the toughest tasks you will face. To do so, you must understand the complexities and nuances of your current culture.
  • Conduct a happiness and positivity audit to identify your key organisational challenges
  • Clearly defining direction and objectives
  • Assessing challenges and blockers
  • Developing strategies for managing roadblocks
  • Reviewing functions, departments and individuals

1.5 Hours

Understanding the role of positive psychology developing a culture of happiness
This module will provide the foundation to not only gain understanding and the ability to communicate how and why positivity maximizes organizational potential. Explore the key components of happiness and wellbeing in the context of your strategic objectives.
  • Secure your competitive differentiator through positive psychology
  • Gain a firm grounding in foundations of positive psychology
  • Understand the true meaning of workplace happiness
  • Explore the structure of workplace happiness and how HR can drive change
  • Translate the principles of happiness into measurable business outcomes


Dealing with resistance and negative employees
Dealing with resistance, negatvity and gaining buy-in can be one of the most challening jobs for HR professionals. Increasing resilience within the HR team will enable you to handle change and pressure effectively and be better positioned to cope with negative resistance.
  • Adopting a mindful approach to stress reduction at work
  • Identify and map optimism and how to challenge your responses
  • Improve and discover techniques to better manage challenges at work
  • Identify the root cause and the steps to assess whether they can change
  • Providing clear feedback and transparency


THE Business case for happiness at work – demonstrating ROI and ROE
Corporate happiness isn’t about developing a workforce of overly positive people. It’s about using wellbeing as a tool to help your team to realise their potential. We explore the key steps to take to present a clear business case for happiness.
  • Match initiatives to strategic objectives
  • Define and outline your metrics and impact with ROI and ROE
  • Leveraging self-regulation to stay positive when times are tough
  • Create strategic alignment by measuring, planning, implementing and developing
  • Preparing for objection handling with case studies and commercial benefits


Developing and measuring an effective model for wellbeing
This session explores the four key factors that impact employee wellbeing and happiness. Only by integrating all four will you see authentic, lasting change that enables people to become their best self at work.
  • Understand how to measure internal and external happiness
  • Begin with the end in mind, align your initiatives with organizational objectives
  • Identify the framework for your business by conducting a happiness SWOT analysis
  • Assess the workplace and environmental factors that impact overall happiness
  • Understand the psychological well-being of your employees and how to measure the impact of your initiatives

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HR forms one of the most critical components of the organisational mix and, when utilised correctly, underpin the success of almost every other function in the business. This workshop is structured for those organisations that realise the potential in their team and want to capitalise on it…


AED 15,000 per workshop

Much like our approach to happiness, we like to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Our pricing is built to maximise value delivery for your business so, unlike most companies that offer in-house development of your team, we don’t charge per attendee. Instead, we charge a single flat rate for up to a maximum 25 attendees and offer generous discounts for larger teams.

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