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Your customers are your profits and your employees control those profits. Organisations must add value and provide the necessary skills and tools to provide exceptional customer service every time. That begins with the face of the organisation. Your Customer Services team…


Happier employees make for happier customers. Fact!

The statistics and research are staggering. But why does it matter so much? Because every employee represents your brand, your businesses values are on the line through every interaction and engagement with a customer or client.

Happier customer service representatives are not only more productive and loyal, but they are better problem solvers and more empowered to overcome challenges and take initiative.

Our customer service workshop provides attendees with the tools to deal more effectively with every customer touch-point, ensuring resolution and rapport regardless of the nature of the encounter.


No brand will survive without excellent customer service. The best companies realise that every customer service employee represents their brand and by investing in them they will they be empowered to solve problems, confidently, compassionately and positively.

  • Happier employees increase customer experience by 10%
  • 80% of consumers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience.
  • Happier employees increase customer loyalty by up to 30
  • Customers are 73% more likely to purchase from brand again if they dealt with a happier, more engaged employee in their most recent interaction



1 hour

Mastering customer services – Building confidence to increase competence
Confidence is essential for customer service professionals to not only be their best at work, but to gain the trust of their customers. Confidence can reduce stress, increase resilience and improve overall performance. In addition they are more motivated, make great role models and contribute directly to brand culture and perception.
  • Identify your strengths and how to apply them to maximize customer experience
  • Develop lasting confidence through goal setting and self-reflection
  • Challenge your perspective in adverse situations
  • Work towards your best self, developing the person you want to be
  • Cope effectively with failure and understanding how to build resilience

1.5 Hours

Perfect your use of positive communication to enhance customer engagement
Effective workplace communication can increase morale, rapport, customer engagement and retention. If you want to win your customers you need to see yourself as capable of not only removing their stress, but of making them feel comfortable.
  • Understand the power of positive language in creating trust-based relationships
  • Utilize mindfulness to improve your ability to empathise with customers needs
  • Use communication to create positive change from a negative situation
  • Use appreciation and gratitude to combat challenging customers
  • Develop communication habits that empower you to feel confident, calm and in control


Effectively nurturing key relationships through positive communication
We will explore how to maximize your self-starting nature and become consistent in overcoming difficulties. Developing your sense of initiative promotes empowerment, decision making and accountability.
  • Develop autonomy in your role by analyzing your task, techniques, team and time
  • Analyze the areas where you can take more initiative in your role
  • Plan for success by developing habits to drive self-growth
  • Goal setting to focus on short, medium and long-term goals
  • Develop a mindset of ownership and responsibility for self-development


Increasing resilience and ability to effectively handle negative and difficult customers
This session provides attendees with the tools to work through common challenges related to customer handling. Being resilient is positively associated with happiness and enables people to manage and bounce back from challenges more effectively as well as maintain customer experience.
  • Using your strengths to overcome stress, adversity and challenges
  • Understand self-regulation techniques to stay positive
  • Adopt a solution-focused mindset when dealing with challenging customers
  • Explore a mindful approach to stress reduction at work
  • Develop your mental agility to apply creative and flexible thinking to problems


Improving focus to give 100% attention to every customer
This module explores the challenges customer services professional face in relation to their working conditions and technology on their ability to focus on the task at hand. Having a customer service team that is focused is beneficial across the entire business. It increases their ability to focus completely on the customer and find the most effective solution
  • Explore the advantages of being fully present with every customer
  • Master concentration by disciplining your mind to focus
  • Develop a priority checklist to stay on track and manage distractions
  • Maximize your concertation by understanding the science of focus
  • Mitigate the myth of multitasking and improve focus through prioritization, discipline and mindfulness

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In increasingly saturated markets, success will be defined by the organisations that differentiate. One of the key tools in the modern business’ arsenal lies with their customer service experience and the key to any CS team is its people. This workshop enhances their performance and ability to deliver beyond expectation.


AED 15,000 per workshop

Much like our approach to happiness, we like to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Our pricing is built to maximise value delivery for your business so, unlike most companies that offer in-house development of your team, we don’t charge per attendee. Instead, we charge a single flat rate for up to a maximum 25 attendees and offer generous discounts for larger teams.

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