Happiness Simplified.

Positivity. Redefined.

It’s a simple question.
How can we be our best?

Happiness should be simple and accessible, so that’s how we approach our work. Constantly reaching for the answer to that question so that we can help others find the tools, techniques and resources that will help them succeed.




Everyone holds the power to create their best self, personally and professionally.



Happiness is not an end goal, but a state of mind that empowers us to be our best. We redefine happiness, giving people the tools to be successful.



We combine proven scientific methodology with executive business strategy to help teams and individuals achieve their full potential.

Our Story


appiness has the power to drive success; in a way more profound than most of us realise. We began our individual journeys in the same place as most people, pursuing the goals that we thought would lead us to happiness. Things like career advancement, pay rises, relationships, luxury holidays or, in Saleem’s case, the latest Apple gadget.

What we both discovered along the way is that while those fleeting moments of achievement gave us the spikes of pleasure we’d been reaching for, long term happiness was a different beast entirely.

Pleasure and happiness aren’t the same and success doesn’t drive happiness. It’s the other way around. Happiness drives success.

The foundation of a business

Our shared realisation, reached through two very distinct paths, led us to an awareness of what could be achieved­ when we operated with a positive and engaged mind. When we became our best. Our desire to be our best, to be successful, to thrive in our work and relationships, is at the heart of everything we do.

Who wants to be average?

Very few of us! We all have an innate desire for growth; we want to be great employees, leaders, colleagues, friends, partners. But we don’t always know where to start.

That’s what drove us to build this company. Working with people to reset their benchmark for success and lift the performance of not just what they can achieve, but also their perception of their potential.

The greatest tool for success anyone can possess is a positive and engaged mind.

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Fiona Barron

A true advocate of the power of happiness, Fiona is committed to creating a platform of optimism and positivity which has the ability to create change. The Hub is founded on that principle. Using her mixed background in clinical psychology and the corporate world, she brings a unique perspective to the implementation of positive psychology in the workplace.

Scientific Thinking

Fiona’s passion for positive psychology was the driving force in her acquiring a masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Having experienced first hand the impact that positivity can have in living a more effective life, she combines scientific methodology with her experience developing and implementing over 250 conferences to create awareness and engagement in the power of happiness to fundamentally change lives. 


Fun facts

Always a winner, Fiona once won a body-plank competition with a 5m32s hold for six months worth of food delivery vouchers (which she’s still living off), proving, once again, that she’ll do anything for free food!

She loves:

  • Doing: Yoga
  • Watching: Friends re-runs
  • Eating: Ice cream

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Saleem Ali

The other side of the coin, Saleem’s focus lies in the impact that happiness and well-being can have on performance. He’s committed to bridging the gap between conventional business theory and positive psychology, bringing the two together to create more motivated, higher performing businesses that operate at peak efficiency.

Business Thinking

Developing an almost obsessive relationship with business performance and efficiency, Saleem’s career took him into the world of executive leadership, with a focus in marketing.

Over 15-years experience in driving commercial performance across four continents has taught him the importance of mindset and motivation in developing a competitive advantage; a lesson that he’s integrated into The Hub’s services.

Fun Facts

Saleem has a completely rational phobia where Wombles are concerned (don’t ask!).

He loves:

  • Doing: Adventure sports
  • Watching: Star Wars
  • Eating: Steak

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