10-in-10: 10 questions, 10 words to answer.

What does happiness mean to you? What makes you happy? Why is it important? What gets in the way of your happiness?

For our next 10/10 interview, we sat down with Andrew Wright. As a British trained and registered art psychotherapist, clinical director and professional speaker at the Art Therapy International Centre (ATIC) Dubai, his unique perspective on happiness and wellbeing is focused on creativity.


1. What does happiness mean to you?

Living in the moment, feeling a connection with  others

2. What makes you happy?

The contentment of being creative, being energised to help others

3. What gets in the way of your happiness?

Conflict and negative thinking

4. Why is happiness important to you?

It allows me to connect with others

5. How does happiness affect relationships?

It improves communication and resolves conflict

6. What role does happiness play in success?

A positive mental attitude, helps you to be more resilient

7. What role does happiness play in health?

Gratitude can boost your immune system and combat stress

8. Why did you pick your activity at the happiness festival?

To highlight the importance of art and play for well-being

9. What one thing would you want your attendees to take away from your activity?

That creativity can help you develop a more open perspective

10. What one piece of advice would you tell someone to improve his or her happiness?

Give yourself the permission to play and forget the self-critic


Try something new this week – draw, paint, go hiking, surfing, take a piano lesson. By spending time in an activity where you are completely engaged and fully absorbed you can significantly increase your overall wellbeing. Indulge yourself and give yourself time to play!

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